Welcome to CLINISOL

CLINISOL Tech Solutions, is a consulting, outsourcing and staffing services company

CLINISOL Tech INC have been serving a way array of industries over the years, by putting the latest and real time technology solutions at their fingertips. We have helped so far hundreds of businesses in the software, gaming, hospitality, energy, financial services, insurance, retail, telecommunications, health care and education field.

CLINISOL Tech INC is a successful service provider with an impeccable track record of delivering services to its clients in United States. Clinisol's business services helps to focus on your core business and result in an increased revenue, competitive edge, and market share. CLINISOL Tech INC' management team comprises of experienced industry professionals. Our management has been in years of cumulative experience in the outsourcing industry ensuring consistent customer satisfaction.

Our Vision and Mission

  • Mission

    Mission is to provide integration of all the latest technology solutions with proven and tractable results through skilled and certified consultants.

  • Vision

    Our Vision is to deliver Quality Knowledge Anytime and Anywhere.

  • Experience

    With years of experience in Consulting, Outsourcing and Staffing Services CLINISOL Tech INC offers business value to global clients by combining operational excellence with deep domain expertise in key industry verticals.

Who We Are?

Clinisol Technology Solutions, is a leading services firm that provides a portfolio of consulting, outsourcing and staffing services to a broad range of clients. Clinisol is a trusted partner to several Fortune 500 Companies for managing their business processes.

How We Work?

Great ideas… Simple solutions - is the underlying premise for all CLINISOL Tech INC's partnerships. As a global consulting and outsourcing services company, our key focus is to transform clients' business ideas -from blueprint to reality.

Why We Are?

Our successful engagements are not summarized simply by the quick implementation of a solution or meeting timelines. It goes much deeper than that, to the heart of business – Did it add significant, measurable value? We believe every engagement should.